Mixis RS

Stapelstühle. Massivholzrahmen und Doppelwand Sperrholz Rücken. Ein Polster Panel ist für den Sitz (SU) zur Verfügung.
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MIXIS RS - B 52 T 55 H 80 SH 47
Ausmaß MIXIS RS - B 52 T 55 H 80 SH 47
Ausführung Eiche
Eiche lackiert
Stapelbar Ja / 4 St.
Gepolstert Yes
Gestell Solid wood frame Contract proof construction
Schale Backrest in variable thickness 10-14mm plywood. Seat in 11mm thick plywood, 10 layers. Plywood is bonded with urea-formaldehyde based, colourless glue. Bonding meets the requirements of standard EN 314-2, class 1.
Armlehne -
Oberfläche VS wood, flat sliced veneers 10/10mm
Polster FU fully upholstered on the shell. Foam density 65CM kg/m3 Elast high density. Thickness 12mm. Flame retardant BS 5852 Öko-tex certificate
Gleiter Standard plastic injection moulded HDPE high density polyethylene, suitable for hard floor or carpet and contract use. Optional felt gliders for wooden floors or metal for carpet.