Esse R

Stühlen. Rahmen aus Massivholz. Sperrholz Sitz (VS) oder mit einer Polsterplatte (SU).
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ESSE R - B 50 T 42 H 81 SH 47
Ausmaß ESSE R - B 50 T 42 H 81 SH 47
Ausführung Buche
Buche lackiert
Eiche lackiert
Amerikanisch Nussbaum
Stapelbar No
Gepolstert Yes
Gestell Solid wood frame Front panelled backrest construction Contract proof construction
Schale Back in 21mm thick plywood. Seat in 9mm thick plywood, 8 layers. Plywood is bonded with urea-formaldehyde based, colourless glue. Bonding meets the requirements of standard EN 314-2, class 1.
Armlehne -
Oberfläche VS wood, flat sliced veneers 10/10mm
Polster FU fully upholstered on the shell. Foam density 65CM kg/m3 Elast high density. Thickness 12mm. Flame retardant BS 5852 Öko-tex certificate
Gleiter Standard plastic injection moulded HDPE high density polyethylene, suitable for hard floor or carpet and contract use. Optional felt gliders for wooden floors or metal for carpet.